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Tsunami / سونامی

Aug. 18, 2020Iran100 Min.
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Iranian taekwandoka, Morteza Nezhadi accepts to be defeated in the Olympics 2002 due to some political reasons and then he loses everything in his personal and professional life. After eight years, he is called back for another attempt in the national team, but he must face a young stubborn world champion called Behdad Moghimi also known as Tsunami. But there is turmoil in his personal life too when it comes to his partner, a girl basketball player who is not accepted in Iran’s national team for her Afghan descent…

در آخرین اردوی تیم ملی تکواندو، سه تن از بهترین بازیکنان تیم در دانمارک پناهنده شده و به ایران بازنگشتند. این فرصتی است که خسروی، سرمربی قدیمی و کهنه کار، بعد از سال‌ها بازگردد و کار نیمه تمامش را به پایان برساند. دشوارترین انتخاب او اما بین بهداد مقیمی، نفر اول دنیا و تنها بازمانده تیم مرتضی نژادی، شاگرد قدیمی‌اش است…

Original title سونامی

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(0) comments

  • Ali August 25, 2020 Reply

    Bahram Radan is suppose to represent an olympic taekwondo fighter from Iran. One of the few sports we are good at is taekwondo and what he represents is an old guy who knows nothing about martial arts. Saw all his videos pretending to train hard and had high hopes but as soon as he started showing his kicks that barely came to waist level I knew its another poorly made movie.

    • Rostam September 17, 2020 Reply

      Its a movie, not a documentary

  • Cali August 18, 2020 Reply

    One of the most time wasting movies I watched just because of bahram radan

    • Rostam September 17, 2020 Reply

      Radan is pretty much a B-level actor at this point.

  • فيروزه رحيمي شولي August 18, 2020 Reply

    چرا دیگه نمیشه دانلود کرد؟

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