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Iran Air (Homa)

Iran Air (Homa)

Iran Air (Homa)

Iran Air (Homa) Documentary / مستند هواپیمایی ملی ایران (هما)

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The Homa documentary, which is part of the Manoto TV network documentaries, tells the story of Iran’s national airline during the golden age of Iranian aviation in the 1950s, using rare footage. During this era, the airline utilized the most advanced aircraft and facilities, not only transporting millions of domestic and international passengers and connecting various Iranian cities to important and strategic locations around the world, but also played an important role in the growth and development of the country’s tourism industry.”

Original title مستند هواپیمایی ملی ایران (هما)



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      (2) comments

      • Kaveh Agha Yazdi February 26, 2023 Reply

        بسیار عالی، دوستان عزیز و زحمتکش، اگه میشه مستند آریامهر رو هم قرار بدید.

        • amm9894 amir March 1, 2023 Reply

          زنده باد آریامهر

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