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Bleeding Heart / دل خون

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Bleeding Heart is an absorbing death row drama revolving around the moral dilemmas of redemption and the unforgiving trauma of loss. When public defender Delaram is charged with taking on the case of Emad, it immediately puts a strain on her marriage. With Emad awaiting execution for murdering his wife, Delaram’s husband cannot accept her role in his defence, and their differences about the case ultimately cut right to the heart of gender roles in modern Iranian marriages. As the case progresses, Delaram’s growing sympathy for the repentant Emad and her complex involvement with his family draw her headlong into a much more complex problem of life and death.

الناز شاکردوست وکیل تسخیری عماد (حامد بهداد) که همسر خود را به خاطر بدبینی و سوءظن به قتل رسانده است. سرانجام دادگاه با خواست اولیای دم عماد را به اعدام محکوم می کند

عماد که حکم اعدام را پذیرفته و از درخواست تجدید نظر منصرف شده است از وکیل خود می خواهد تا قبل از مرگ همه اعضای بدن خود را ببخشد ولی

Following his suspicion toward his wife, Emad has murdered her.. Now he is expecting the death sentence. In spite of that, Sima comes to help him as a public defender. She gives Emad a surprising recommendation, which changes the story line.

عماد به خاطر شكي كه به همسرش داشته او را به قتل رسانده است و اكنون منتظر صدور و اجراي حكم اعدام مي باشد كه با ورود سيما به عنوان وكيل تسخيري و پيشنهاد غافلگير كننده اي كه مي دهد ماجرا شكل ديگري پيدا مي كند…

Original title دل خون

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