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An Insignificant Letter A –

An Insignificant Letter A –

An Insignificant Letter A –

Yek Alefe Naghabel / یک الف ناقابل

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A young lady who is teaching the third grade at an elementary school, finds a wrong word in dictations of all her students. She tries hard to teach them the right one, but she fails. She finally finds out that the wrong word is written on the window of a restaurant midway of her house to the school. She speaks about this word with the restaurant owner but he does not accept that the word is wrong. He asks the teacher out too and tries to persuade her. The young teacher, who by all educational methods fails to correct the wrong word, uses the man’s attention and reaches her goal of writing the correct word.

خانم معلم جوانی است که هر روز در سر کلاس حاضر میشود و تدریس

خود را پی میگیرد . همه چیز به خوبی پیش می رود و معلم از کار و نتیجه تلاش خود

راضی استتا این که ضمن تدریس به کلمه ناهار میرسد معلم آن را ساده می پندارد از آن به سادگی میگذرد.اما

Original title یک الف ناقابل

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