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Shoghe Parvaz

Shoghe Parvaz

Passion For Flying / شوق پرواز

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Seasons and episodes

1Season 1 May. 18, 2024


Shoghe Parvaz or “Passion For Flight” is about the life of Iranian F-14 pilot, Major General Abbas Babaei.

Original title شوق پرواز
Seasons 1
Episodes 12

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(3) comments

  • IranLove November 11, 2021 Reply

    I think Eshgh Parvaz would have been more accurate title. First of all Dorood /Salut to the soul of Shahid Babai, thanks for your service to Iran Abas.
    Thanks for making this movie. As you can tell the audience outside of Iran have varying view of events in Iran, however this movie personalize such Iranian kids I love to say ‘Farzandan Iran”, who served us. Though personally I never saw Iraq as enemy as the true enemy was the one who benefitted from creating this artificial conflict and war and selling weapons to both Islamic countries to kill one another in the name of Nationalism and Islam. In that sense I see Soldiers like Abas, as a victim of politics, however, the more I think about it, they had no choice to do what they did. After years of war and million such Shahid’s on both countries, Iran and Iraq, not one inch of land lost from Iran and we owe this to such brave soldiers like Abas. Also , as well depicted here, the families of such soldiers served in similar way with their sacrifices. I hope the viewer reflect on the fact that the planes of enemy shot in this movies had pilots like Abas and they had families and kids too and they were honest too but force to fight like someone set them up for rooster fight enjoying the fight from distance. Thus war is ugly and the real enemy is the one who creates the war. I was in Iran and remember, how out of nowhere we heard “Iraq attacked our land and war started”. I am sure the Iraquies heard “Iran attacked our land so we have to defend ourselves”. So lets be anti war.

    • admin November 14, 2021 Reply

      Thanks for your comment, the original title is Shoghe Parvaz

  • Kaveh Agha Yazdi October 2, 2020 Reply

    ممنون از قرار دادن این سریال ، اگه میشه مستند نبرد های فانتوم را از فیلیمو قرار دهید.

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