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Zanan Venusi, Mardan Merikhi

Zanan Venusi, Mardan Merikhi

Zanan Venusi, Mardan Merikhi

Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Mars / زنان ونوسی، مردان مریخی

Aug. 24, 201197 Min.
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Saeed who thinks that his wife is got killed in a trip to Europe marries another woman. But when his wife is found to be alive he has to face many troubles.

The wife of a young architect named Saeed forces him to borrow a lot of money to send her skiing and holidaying in the French Alps. In the Alps, while skiing, the women falls into a natural glacier and dies. Saeed, after coming out of shock because of his wife’s death, marries another girl but soon after their marriage, the frozen body of his former wife is found in the Alps and is accidentally brought back to life and returns to Iran…

Original title زنان ونوسی، مردان مریخی

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