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Whirpool / گرداب

Feb. 08, 2005Iran76 Min.
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Bahram, who is the best and the closest friend of Homayoon, commits suicide. Apparently, there is no reason for his death. Homayoon, his wife and daughter, named Badri and Homa, are very sad because of this event. In a letter, which is his will as well, Bahram has written to Homayoon that all of his fortune would go to Homa. This raises doubts in Homayoon. Homa looks more like Bahram rather than her father, Homayoon. Gradually, he becomes more suspicious that her wife, Badri, had an affair with Bahram. Also, during those three years, when he had been sent on a mission to a remote area, Bahram was looking after Badri and Homa in Tehran. The doubts raised in Homayoon make his wife and her daughter leave him.. As the time passes, Homayoon becomes entangled by nightmares and he starts hating everybody and everything. Now his belief is that he is betrayed by his friend and his own wife. After meeting two different characters, a philosopher and a retired assassin, he concludes that it was his own fault that has gradually estranged him from his wife and has led her affections toward his friend. Homayoon, while he has come to a dead end, is going to leave Tehran, then he receives Bahram’s second letter. There, Bahram has admitted that he had been in love with Badri; however, he had been struggling with himself for four years to overcome that wicked desire. Homayoon, finding out that his wife is innocent and Homa is his own daughter, hurries off to Badri’s father’s home. But no one is there. After asking others, he becomes aware of a disaster; his daughter is dead due to an illness, and now everyone is in the cemetery by her grave.

«بهرام» بهترین و نزدیک ترین دوست «همایون» خودکشی می کند. مرگ او ظاهراً دلیلی ندارد… همایون، همسرش بدری و دخترش هما از این واقعه به شدت ناراحت هستند… بهرام در نامه ای برای همایون، که وصیتنامه او نیز هست، تمام ثروتش را به هما بخشیده است. همایون از این امر دچار سوء ظن می شود. شباهت هما ظاهراً به بهرام بیش از خودش است. رفته رفته این تصور که همسرش بدری با بهرام رابطه داشته اند، قوت می گیرد، بخصوص این که او در طول سه سالی که در نقطه ای دورافتاده در مأموریت بوده، بدری و هما در تهران تحت سرپرستی بهرام بوده اند… شک همایون، سبب قهر بدری می شود و او با هما خانه را ترک می کنند… همایون رفته رفته گرفتار کابوس و تنفر از همه چیز و همه کس می شود. دیگر باورش اینست که دوست و همسرش به او خیانت کرده اند… دیدار همایون با یک فیلسوف و یک آدمکش دولتی بازنشسته، با دو شخصیت متفاوت، او را به این نتیجه می رساند که مقصر اصلی خودش است که از همسرش منفک شده و علاقه او را به سوی دوستش متوجه کرده است… همایون، که به بن بست رسیده، قصد ترک تهران را دارد که بار دیگر با پاکت ارسالی بهرام مواجه می شود، در پاکت، نامه ای دیگر از بهرام هست که در آن به دوستش اعتراف کرده که عاشق بدری بوده، ولی چهار سال با خودش در مبارزه بوده تا بر این هوس شیطانی غلبه کند… همایون که دریافته همسرش بی گناه و هما واقعاً دختر اوست، شتابان به منزل پدر بدری می رود، اما کسی در خانه نیست و پس از پرس و جو متوجه وقوع فاجعه ای می شود، دخترش بر اثر بیماری درگذشته و اکنون همه بر مزار او در گورستان هستند

Original title گرداب
IMDb Rating 6 56 votes

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