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Unwished / ناخواسته

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The lives of several people become intertwined in this mesmerizing drama. A road movie of sorts, the film focuses on a young driver and the fares he picks up. The spirited Nabat and her brother Sadeq are the first to join him, and while it is not clear what their incessant squabbling is about, it is soon apparent that they are on the run from someone. They are shortly joined by a woman of mysterious circumstances, who claims she wishes to be reunited with her husband. The group embark on a fable-like journey and learn more about one another in the process. This film boasts clever use of dialogue and naturalistic performances, while beautiful, dream-like imagery of the country’s topography serve to celebrate the gift of life itself.

در پیچ و خم زندگی اتفاقات می توانند مسیر زندگی افراد را تغییر دهند. ممکن است کارهایی را خواسته انجام دهیم اما در نهایت این ناخواسته ها است که همه چیز را تغییر می دهد

Original title ناخواسته

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  • Saeid Mohammadi August 1, 2021 Reply

    ببینین لطفا اشکتون در میاد

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