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Booye Khoshe Zendegi

Booye Khoshe Zendegi

Booye Khoshe Zendegi

The Sweet Smell Of Life / بوی خوش زندگی

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Kamal and Jamal are a pair of twin brothers who look quite similar but possess two different types of morale and mentality. One night, Jamal who is a hospital assistant, finds an old man’s senseless body on a street. He takes the old man to the hospital and saves him from death. The old man’s brother, along with his lawyer who is a shyster man, are looking to seize the old man’s wealth such as his old house. The obstinate old man decides to sell his house at a low price to Jamal in order to appreciate his help. The old man’s brother, his lawyer, Kamal and his wife are trying to prevent this happening or at least to get a share of the house. They even defraud each other to achieve their goal.

Original title بوی خوش زندگی

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