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The Sultan

The Sultan

The Sultan

Soltan / سلطان

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In his last moments, Mr. Baheri gives his janitor Mr. Koohsari a small piece of land but his sons are after that piece of land. Soltan who is a thief, pick pocketing the janitor’s daughter Maryam in the air port. She had the documents of that piece of land in her stolen wallet, so she searches after Soltan and find him. The two fall in love.Kiumars’s real name is Reza, who is also given the title ‘Soltan’. He marries his beloved girl; however, a bomb explosion leads to the death of his pregnant wife. Later, Reza and his friend, Naser, are living in a single room located in a deserted area, where once had been the place of Tehran’s wet market. Reza once had a friend who made hand grenades. On a winter day in 1979, as Reza’s friend was leaning against a tree at the corner of a street, he was shot in his forehead and a single grenade is what has left for his son, Adel. Currently, Reza is going to reopen his repair shop and to find his way out of that deserted town. He has another friend as well, named Naser, who is a showman and it is in one of these shows that Reza is entitled as Soltan. One day Naser and Soltan come across a land document, which seemingly belongs to a girl, named Maryam. Thereby, they start looking for her. Some years ago, the owner of a garden where Maryam’s family had served for many years, had given them a land of five hundred meters, which is located on that same garden. The land is now inherited by Maryam. A tower will be built instead of the garden. And in order to build that, the land owned by Maryam is needed as well; however, Maryam wants to keep her land. Soltan opposes against the dealers. While holding a hand grenade, made by an old friend of him, Soltan goes to darkness along with the tower builders and the dealers…

 کیومرث (سلطان) که نامش در شناسنامه «رضا» است دختری را که مدتها عاشقش بود، به زنی میگیرد. بمب خانه و همسرش را که حامله است به نیستی میبرد. «رضا» در اتاقی در شهری بی سکنا که روزگاری میدان تره بار تهران بوده با رفیقی به نام ” ناصر” زندگی میکند. “عادل” پسر رفیقی است که نارنجک دستی های خوب میساخت و در سال ۵۷ در گوشه ای از خیابان تنها و سرد با گلوله در پیشانی، تکیه بر درخت، شهید شده است. یکی از نارنجک ها برای «عادل» به یادگار مانده است. «رضا» باید مغازه مکانیکی خود را باز کند و از آن شهر بی سکنا به در آید و زندگی کند. و ناصر رفیق دیگر او معرکه گیر است و در این معرکه گیری ها «رضا» نامش و “سلطان” می شود. «مریم» از یک باغ که خانواده اش سالها در آن خدمت کرده اند، قطعه زمینی به قدر پانصد متر به ارث برده است. «ناصر» و «سلطان» سند زمین را پیدا می کنند و می روند تا آن را به «مریم» بدهند. بر آن باغ میخواهند برج بسازند. پانصد متر زمین «مریم» را نیز می خواهند، اما و مریم» راضی نیست. «سلطان» می ایستد و مقاومت میکند و با نارنجک دست ساز رفیق قدیمی با برج سازان و واسطه ها به تاریکی میرود و

Original title سلطان

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