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Gorbeye Avazeh Khan

Gorbeye Avazeh Khan

Gorbeye Avazeh Khan

The Singer Cat / گربه آوازه خوان

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This film from the accomplished Kambuzia Partovi is partly set in an orphanage in Tehran. The film centres around a young boy and his sister – who together attempt a perilous escape from the orphanage after a married couple arrive to adopt the sister. Like the brother-and-sister pair in Majid Majidi’s highly acclaimed ‘Children of Heaven’, the young sibling duo must learn to grow up quickly and act like adults. Once outside the walls and beyond the clutches of the orphanage, the children enter a strange world. There they encounter cats that behave and exhibit the characteristics of human beings.

Hasan and Goldooneh run away from an orphanage with the intention of finding their father, but their search ends up in vain. While being tired and hungry, they run into stray cats. The cats start a massive search hoping they will get to a quite good status if they find the children’s father, but when they finally find him, they are treated coldly because another boy and girl have already been brought to the house as his lost children by  the  servant. At the end, the truth is revealed and the cats find a home too.

حسن و «گلدونه» به قصد یافتن پدرشان از پرورشگاه می گریزند اما جستجوی آنها به نتیجه نمی رسد و خسته و گرسنه به گربه های ولگرد کوچه و خیابان برمیخورند. گربه ها به امید اینکه پدر بچهها را پیدا کنند به وضعیت و موقعیت خوبی دست پیدا خواهند کرد، جستجوی گستردهای آغاز می کنند اما وقتی سرانجام پدر «حسن» و «گلدونه» پیدا می شوند، با بی مهری او روبرو می شوند. چه قبلا توسط مستخدم منزل، پسر و دختری به عنوان فرزندان گمشده وی به خانه راه یافتهاند، اما سرانجام حقیقت آشکار می شود و گربه ها نیز جایی برای خود مییابند…

Original title گربه آوازه خوان

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