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The Family Of Colonel Ghazanfar

The Family Of Colonel Ghazanfar

The Family Of Colonel Ghazanfar

The Family Of Colonel Ghazanfar / خانواده سرکار غضنفر

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Colonel Ghazanfar, a responsible officer of his neighborhood, has managed, thanks to his power and authority, to make there an ordered and secure place, But his son-in-law, Akbar and his brother Abbas, use their kinship with Ghazanfar to destroy the order of the neighborhood. At the same time, the presence of Zari, Ghazanfar’s cousin, and Abbasi, makes the conflict even deeper, but at the end, it is Ghazanfar who succeeds in bringing peace back to both his family and the neighborhood.

سرکار غضنفر” پاسبان وظیفه شناس محله بانهایت قدرت و درایت توانسته به محله نظم و امنیتی ببخشد تا اینکه دامادش، “اکبر” و برادرش ” عباس” ، با استفاده از نسبتشان با سرکار غضنفر نظم محله را به هم میزنند و حضور “زری” – دختر عموی سرکار غضنفر و عباسی اختلاف را بیشتر دامن میزند اما سرانجام این سرکار غضنفر است که موفق می شود آرامش را در محله و خانواده ایجاد کند.

Original title خانواده سرکار غضنفر

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