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The Derrick / دکل

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It is the middle of the Iran-Iraq War and Abadan is under siege. Hamid is a soldier who commands a group of Basijis, and he is determined to destroy a derrick which the Iraqis are using to attack the city. As Abadan is evacuated, and Hamid’s family with it, the young commander soon finds battle lines drawn and friends caught up in the middle of it. When his best friend Amir proposes to his sister Zahra, who stayed behind to help defend the city with Hamid, he finds his loyalties torn between his mission and his hope for a brighter future. However, his obsession with the derrick may prove to be the undoing of everything.

Abadan is surrounded by the enemy. A huge number of people are leaving the city. In the meantime, a resistance core is established by some religious individuals. They go into a fight with the enemy. The sign for the Iraqi forces is a tower which the resistance forces are going to overthrow it.

آبادان در محاصره دشمن است. تعداد زیادی از مردم، شهر را ترک می کنند. در این میان هسته های مقاومتی متشکل از بسیجیان ایجاد می شود. آن ها با دشمن درگیر می شوند. علامت نیروهای بعثی دکلی است که بسیجیان سعی در سرنگون کردن آن دارند

Original title دکل

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