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The Cyclist

The Cyclist

The Cyclist

Bicycle Raan / بای سیکل ران

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From its ominous beginnings, Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s ‘The Cyclist’ plunges us into Nasim’s dilemma – as his wife suffers fatally in a hospital bed, he is given a matter of days to raise the money needed to save her. As the tension mounts, we watch him and his son wander through a ruthless environment where the powerful prey on the desperate. He agrees to cycle for a week straight, as the crowds around him grow. Somehow ‘The Cyclist’ manages to juggle sympathy and suspense, and one can’t help urging Nasim on. While elements of melodrama are undeniable, Makhmalbaf develops his eccentric story in endlessly unpredictable ways, as the morality of the film begins to unfold chaotically.Nasim, an Afghan migrant takes part in a madly betting to provide for his severe financial issues and also his sick wife. He must ride a bicycle for a whole week without a break. Some people are following the adventure and are betting on this. Nasim’s younger son tries to help him in his efforts for victory.

نسیم، مهاجر افغانی به دنبال نیاز شدید مالی و بیماری همسرش در یک شرط بندی جنون آمیز شرکت می کند. او باید یک هفته به طور مداوم روی دوچرخه در حال حرکت به مسابقه ادامه دهد. عده ای که ماجرا را دنبال می کنند و در این شرط بندی شرکت دارند. پسر کوچک نسیم سعی می کند در تلاش پدر برای کسب پیروزی، او را همراهی کند

Original title بای سیکل ران

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