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The Camaraderie

The Camaraderie

The Camaraderie

Refaghat / رفاقت

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Habib is a thief with a background in his ability to open the box office. He leave the robbery and but Keyvan’s groupasks him to do robbery again, but Habib collaborates with the police and the band is arrested. Habib gets acquainted with Ahmad and Setare and marries with her. Sometime later, She ,meets a cafe singer named Afsaneh and makes her to leave her husband , she forced Habib to cooperate with Keyvan to steal an old woman’s jewelry, Habib’s wife accidentally collapses, and Habib finds himself in error and returns to his life with Setare.The story is about the journey of a few kids and their teacher to the north of the country. The kids ask their teacher to tell them a story during the drive and the teacher tells the story of sweet granny and rolling pumpkin.

Original title رفاقت

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