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Swimming In Winter

Swimming In Winter

Swimming In Winter

Shena Dar Zemestan / شنا در زمستان

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Ali loves to teach. It is not only his profession, but his life. Sent to one of the poorest regions of the country to teach in a local school, he is forced to face misery and stark poverty. Despite the barriers of ignorance and foolishness he faces, he chooses to help them with all the power he possesses. A compelling drama that provides an insight into a different kind of world.

علی از معلمان آموزش و پرورش جهت درس دادن به یكی از مدارس محروم كشور منتقل می شود. او با دیدن وضع مالی مردم و جهل و فقر حاكم بر آن ها تلاش میکند به كمك  مردم و  شاگردانش بیاید و

Original title شنا در زمستان

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