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Shifteh / شیفته

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A birthday celebration sets the scene for this introspective, psychological drama. Taher keeps getting calls from a mysterious individual telling him to divorce his wife. The couple have had a rocky relationship, Taher’s father originally forbidding the marriage, and Taher fear she may have found someone else. As the film progresses and the calls continue, he grows increasingly suspicious of the people around him, and his paranoia threatens the very wellbeing of his family. A dark and foreboding piece of arthouse cinema, ‘Possessed’ will keep you on the hook throughout its many twists and turns.

طاهر برخلاف نظر خانواده اش با روجا ازدواج کرده است و در شب تولد دختر خردسالش هدیه ای از فردی ناشناس دریافت می کند

.Naser is a young man determined to marry his beloved, Raana. Raana’s father does not consent to their marriage because of Naser’s illness. Naser decides to take part in a bombing since he cannot procure the money needed for his cure. Even though he changes his mind at the last minutes, he is pursued and has no chance but to escape…

ناصر جوانی است که قصد دارد با دختر مورد علاقه اش « رعنا »، ازدواج کند ولی پدر« رعنا»، به خاطر بیماری« ناصر» با این ازدواج مخالف است. «ناصر» که راهی برای تهیه پول به قصد معالجه اش نمی یابد، درصدد برمی آید در یک بمب گذاری شرکت کند. ولی در آخرین لحظات که از این کار انصراف حاصل کرده است، مورد تعقیب قرار می گیرد. ناصر راهی جز فرار ندارد

Original title شیفته

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