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Zabun Basteh

Zabun Basteh

Zabun Basteh

Poor Thing! / زبون بسته

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Trying to provie his sister’s dowry, a villager plans to travel to city, but at the same time, he is worried about the malevolent thoughts his landlord expresses towards his wife. He finally goes to the city. During a series of events, the lord’s agents make numerous problems for the villager, but with the help of an officer, he manages to surrend them who are also experienced thieves, to the law. He then returns to the village along with his wife who has came to the city after him.

جوانی روستایی قصد دارد برای تهیه ی جهیزیه ی خواهرش به شهر سفر کند ولی نگران سو نظر ارباب به همسرش است. روستایی سرانجام به شهر میرود. و طی ماجراهابی عمال ارباب به دفعات مزاحم روستایی می شوند ولی او با همکاری یکی از مامورین ، عمال ارباب را که از سارقین باسابقه هستند گرفتار قانون می کند و سپس خود با همسرش که به دنبال او به شهر آمده است مجددا به روستا باز میگردند

Original title زبون بسته

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