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Pinocchio, Uncle Sardarand Raeesali

Pinocchio, Uncle Sardarand Raeesali

Pinocchio, Uncle Sardarand Raeesali

Pinokiyo, Amoo Sardar Va Raeesali / پینوکیو، عاموسردار و ریسلی

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Homayoun  is  a  15  year  old  teenager who  is  extremely  energetic  and  a  bold dreamer. On the verge of the hundredth anniversary  of  the  martyrdom  of  Ali Delvari,  Hoomayoun,  who  is  a  lazy student, is tempted to compete in the article competition to win the prize. This temptation, however, is the start of the though  journey.  The  innocence  and childishness of Hoomyoun outshines the bitterness of this journey…

Original title پینوکیو، عاموسردار و ریسلی

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