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Lor Girl

Lor Girl

Lor Girl

Dokhtare Lor / دختر لر

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The movie is about Golnar, a young teahouse girl who was kidnapped as a child and taken to Lorestan with a clan of bandits living among the Lors. The leader of the thieves, Gholi Khan, is beginning to look at her with interest now she is a grown woman. At the teahouse, she meets a young man called Jafar who has been sent to Lorestan by the Iranian government to deal with the problem of banditry in the area. They fall in love, and plan to escape together. Gholi Khan catches on to their plans and beats up Jafar. Jafar rejects Khan’s offer to join the bandits, so he is kidnapped and imprisoned. Golnar helps him escape and the couple attempt to flee. Pursued by the bandits, Jafar and Golnar are nearly captured, but Jafar kills several bandits, including Gholi Khan himself. Fearing revenge from the remaining gang, the couple escape to India, living in Bombay to find security from the lawlessness of Iran at the time. They later return to their homeland when they learn that a new government has brought law and order back to the country.

جعفرکه مامور دولتی است در راه خوزستان در یک قهوه خانه با “گلنار ” آشنا می شود . گلنار پدرش تاجر بوده و در حمله ی “قلی خان ” راهزن و ایادیش در غارت شهرشان اسیر دزدان شده و حالا کارش به رقاصگی در قهوه خانه ی بین راه خوزستان کشیده شده است . جعفر و گلنار به تدریج به هم علاقه مند شده و به کمک یکدیگر محل اختفای قلیخان و یارانش را یافته و آنها را گرفتار می کنند و به شرارت در این منطقه خاتمه می دهند. .

Original title دختر لر

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