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Kare Kasif

Kare Kasif

Kare Kasif

Dirty Job / کار کثیف

Iran104 Min.
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Farhad, an unemployment law student who is busy with alcohol sales, decides to migrate to the United States. Farhad wins U.S. Green Card Lottery so travels to Turkey with his wife, Elham and Navid; his son, for the issued diversity visa. During this trip, Farhad is informed of a mass alcohol poisoning during a party where he had provided their alcohol consumption for last time, it had led to death of some people, and the hospitalization of others in critical condition of blindness. This news causes his mental confusion to have a sense of guilt. When Elham gets notified of the story, is shocked and starts going off on Farhad then she decides to return to Iran. Rather, an unexpected incident destroys totally his life.

فرهاد به ترکیه مهاجرت می‌کند اما به دلیل گرفتاری‌هایی که برایش رخ می‌دهد نه تنها مهاجرت، بلکه برای بازگشتش به ایران نیز در هاله‌ای از ابهام قرار می‌گیرد…

Original title کار کثیف

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  • Jonny October 27, 2020 Reply

    It was a good movie

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