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Footprints On Sand

Footprints On Sand

Footprints On Sand

Rade Paei Bar Shen / رد پایی بر شن

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Set during the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Persia, a group of Russian soldiers stop at a small village for water. They attempt to continue their mission of mapping the area, but fail to survive the unforgiving desert. Hossein, a seasoned villager, prevents a deserter from being killed and reunites him with his mother. But when the Soviet army launch an investigation into the deaths, an even worse fate lies in store for the unwilling soldier. A terrifying take on the numerous miscarriages of justice that take place in a time of war.

داستان فیلم ردپایی بر سن داستان حمله نیرو های شوری درزمان جنگ جهانی دوم به ایران و مقابله نیروهای عشایر با آنهاست

Original title رد پایی بر شن

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