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Delta X

Delta X

Delta X

Delta X / دلتا ایکس

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When tenuous couple Siyavash and Elnaz join their friends Hamid and Mahsa for a trip to the coast, they are dismayed by the unexpected arrival of Siyavash’s former lover Bita and her husband Babak. Convinced that the chance meeting is a deliberate setup by Hamid, Siyavash starts to descend into a world of distrust and paranoia as his jealousy and resentment take their toll. His relationship with Elnaz jeopardised, his friendship with Hamid strained, Siyavash finds himself willing to dirty his very soul as he attempts to right past wrongs and rewrite fate to his own selfish ends.

سیاوش و حمید با همسران خود راهی شمال می‌شوند، بابک و همسرش بیتا، بی‌خبر به ویلای آن‌ها می‌روند، این حضور حوادثی را رقم می‌زند…

Original title دلتا ایکس

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