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Block 9, Exit 2

Block 9, Exit 2

Block 9, Exit 2

Bolooke 9, Khoroujie 2 / بلوک ۹، خروجی ۲

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Sahar, whose parents are divorced, faces mental problems following the death of her grandmother and her parents, must take her to a short journey. During this journey, the reason behind their divorce reveals. Sahara has to choose one of them now to live with.

پس از مرگ مادربزرگ خانواده، زن و شوهری که چندین سال از جدایی شان می گذرد، برای بهتر شدن حال روحی دخترشان به سفر می روند و

Original title بلوک ۹، خروجی ۲

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