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Asre Jomeh

Asre Jomeh

Asre Jomeh

Friday Evening / عصر جمعه

Aug. 25, 2020Iran80 Min.
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Rejected by her parents for having a baby out of wedlock, Sougand has grown up bitter and resentful towards the world, spending her days wandering aimlessly from place to place. Her son takes after her in his rejection of authority figures, and the two enjoy a distinctly strained relationship. After several years without contact, Sougand’s sister Banafsheh decides to find her and reveal a secret which has been kept hidden for many years, one which could mark the beginning of the end for their family. An intimate character study of fragility and penance that is cemented by powerhouse performance from its leads.

سوگند داستان زندگی‌‌اش را تعریف می‌کند: یک عصر جمعه در ۱۶ سالگی وقتی از باغ بر می‌‌گشته‌اند، عمویش به او تجاوز می‌کند و پسرش ثمره همان اتفاق است. پدر سوگند…

Original title عصر جمعه

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