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Barkhorde Kheili Nazdik

Barkhorde Kheili Nazdik

Barkhorde Kheili Nazdik

A Very Close Encounter / برخورد خیلی نزدیک

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A car accident reveals Nahid and Nargess’s dangerous games in this engaging drama. Through Nahid’s diary, the story travels back and forth in time to justify events. Nahid, who has lost her trust in men, tries to convince Nargess that her husband Masoud is unfaithful. They end up placing a bet, and Nahid goes far to prove herself right by fabricating subsequent incidents. Events come to a head when Masoud discovers the truth. Filled with intrigue, this genre-blended mystery explores the unpredictability of life.

Original title برخورد خیلی نزدیک

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